Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bloglovin' cause GFC is leaving us... :'( *tears*

So if you are not aware I guess Google Friend Connect is going to disappear soon! (I certainly hope it is not hurt in the process. Perhaps it is just off time-traveling or something).

Anyways, since a lot of blogs I follow are switching to Bloglovin in order for people to still follow them and whatnot (yada yada yada... a bunch of mumbojumbo I don't even understand and know exactly)

welllll I suppose I should do the same. So I just made an account and I will figure out how it works and all but... if you want you can follow me! Yay! :D

Thank you in advance because you are marvelous, darling.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

-Jaguar Hero!

P.S. I shall return soon for more shenanigans of fun. But now I need to sleep because I already stayed up too late writing an exciting scene with explosions, dragons, and a hot-headed prince (who probably also has a hot face though not sure exactly. don't worry he isn't too stereotypical. I'm working out the kinks).

Glory to God

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