Thursday, April 18, 2013

Home Run by Travis Thrasher--Book Review

Cory Brand is an all-star professional baseball player. He has money, he gets the girls, he has everything he could possibly want, and yet his life is spiraling out of control one day, one drink at a time. Cory is an alcoholic and after a string of events that lead him to violence, poor judgment, and trouble, he finds himself back in his home town where skeletons of his past life come back to life to haunt him. He begins a journey that not only leads him to coaching a Little League team or taking a twelve step program but leads him to a whirlwind of events that do more than change his bad habits. They change his life.

At first when I read the synopsis of this book, I thought it was going to be the typical sinner-converts-to-christian-and-lives-happily-ever-after story. I was wrong. It stepped away from the cliches of Christian novels and brought relate-able situations to life.

First, the characters were all well-rounded and realistic. I could relate to some, even though I have never gone through any of their problems. They stood out in my mind and were not cliche. I found myself sympathizing over Cory even though most of his actions were atrocious and pigheaded.

The story line was intriguing, and I think it will be beneficial to many who read this or go see the movie (it hits theaters on April 19th!). There is a powerful message throughout and it is brought in a way that is not typical. There are no perfect Christians who push their ideas at Cory until he crumbles and gives in to their ways. There is brokenness that has been mended. There are choices that become real as the narrative switches back and forth between Cory growing up in this town with an alcoholic and abusive father and his present life.

This is one story worth taking a look at, even if you are not a baseball fan.

Travis Thrasher is the author of more than a dozen works of fiction, including The Solitary Tales series, Isolation, and Ghostwriter. His writing is known for its honesty, depth, and surprising twists. Thrasher lives with his wife and daughters in Chicago.

For more on the book and movie go here. For more on Travis Thrasher check out his website.

-Jaguar Hero!

I received this book free from David C Cook to review and give my open and  honest opinion. All quotes and information are the right of David C Cook.

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