Monday, January 21, 2013

Sub-Zero Tundra

What if all the roads were paved with ice that wouldn't thaw or crack?

We could skate our way to wherever we needed to go. We could twirl with snowflakes hovering in the air around us as they slowly drop in altitude. We could soar across the ground or slip and fall and bust our knees on the pavement until it feels as if it must be bleeding but it is simply just a growing bruise.

We could glide together hand-in-hand or mitten-in-glove.

I could look at you and smile at the way the cold brings red to your cheeks and how cute your nose looks or the way you eyes shine as they look back at me. I could see the shy smile on your face as we skate across the world together.

We could stick our tongues out into the frosty air and hope to catch the flakes and feel the coldness.

We could dance and move our feet like nimble acrobats until I fall and you laugh hysterically at me. Then, I would be laughing when I throw a clump of snow at your face. You would be knocked backwards and your hat would tilt sideways on your head, showing your dark hair with snowflakes mingled in it.

We could move so fast we would feel as if we were a bird ready to soar among the gray sky of clouds.

We could feel the wind against our cheeks and feel it grab our scarves that fly out behind us trying too hard to be capes. We could let the frostbite bite down on our toes because we forgot to put on another pair of socks and we have been outside for far too long.

We could smile wide because we feel warm inside as our fingers entwine. We could try to catch shy smiles at each other.

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