Sunday, January 13, 2013

Darkness Doesn't Stand a Chance

You stand alone in a dark passage. You hold your hand up, but it is a blur in the dark. There is only silence. The walls of darkness surround you, threatening to squeeze you so tight you cannot breathe.

When you step forward, you stumble over unseen things--a broken step leading up, a crack on the ground, a hole, something that screeches and skitters off. Your hand smacks against the stone walls to your right. The sudden, hard impact leaves your palms tingling. You try to call out, to scream, but your lips will not open. You throat will not sing.

You try once more to step forward in the darkness. Your foot lunges through open air. You gasp as you try to find solid ground. You wobble forward, you heart seizing in your chest as your prepare to fall. Swinging your foot slightly to the left, you feel the hard stone beneath the soles of your sneakers. Safe.

Pausing, you give yourself a moment to breath and calm your racing heart. You can feel the edge of the hole you almost stepped into against the edge of your sneaker. You shiver and pull your arms tight around you. A cold draft races down the passage, grabbing at your clothes like unseen hands.

A light appears down the hall. It is a pinprick among the black. Your eyes draw to it. You stare at it, hoping--begging--it to grow bigger for you to see. It does. The color shifts from the striking white that blazes into your retinas to a warm yellow, a soft glow. As the light grows, it draws near to you. It illuminates the hallway and you can see all the faults in the path before you.

The dark shadows around you cower, trying to find life but failing as the light continues to grow. The floor is scattered with treacherous barriers. Cracks in the ground await the toe of a shoe to become stuck in the ridges. The hole before you is a dark drop into nothing. You can see trapdoors, faulty wiring, and broken chunks of rock ready to entrap someone in their dark claws. Even the walls are covered in obstacles to lead you off the path, sticky webs, holes to propel you out of the hall and into darkness.

Soon the hall is lit by the single light. Everything is made seen. All the darkness has been snuffed out.

You begin to make your way down the hall. You tip-toe around holes in the floor. You step over cracks and crumbling cement. It is easier to see the destruction in the light. You no longer feel afraid or hopeless.

The light surrounds you, flooding your with warmth. You can find your way out of the corridor and to a place you know.

As you glance back at the hall behind, you can look at all you have escaped form. One small step could have you trapped in a pit, one clumsy trip could have your crashing against the stone, if you had not been able to see because of the darkness. But with the light, you can see. With the light, the darkness does not stand a chance.

-Jaguar Hero!

P.S. This is one of my favorite songs.

Glory to God

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