Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just Thoughts in My Head

Sometimes I have too many thoughts in my head. They dash around, making it hard for me to catch one. Or they huddle together in clusters of ideas, making it hard to choose just one. Sometimes they are bandits, stealing sleep or time from me. Others are little voices, straining to be heard over the roar of the ones that come crashing in with lights and music but quickly fade once the momentum dies out.

I don't always know which one to pluck from the shadows of my mind to bring into the spotlight to focus on. Sometimes they like to run away and hide again. Others like to push the "chosen one" out of the way and try to invade as if they are breaching a mighty fortress during a war. And even others tiptoe their way around the edges of the light, dipping in a glimpse here and there before zipping back to the mysterious darkness. These ones leave me wondering and broken.

There are just too many to write down or thoroughly explore. It is sad to think of all those thoughts that will never be chosen, that will stay in the darkness forever with no hope of seeing the light or causing mischief within my mind.

But for those ideas that do not scramble too far away or do not hide forever, they will shine bright and possibly unfold into something more than an idea. Instead, they will manifest on paper and ink and be born among the world of words and writing.

And then the sadness of those other stories never finding their way does not feel as sad. Instead, there is a joy when on idea is born and another and another until there is not room for any more of the thoughts hiding in shadow, too shy or too lazy or too stubborn to come out.

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