Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm Going on an Adventure!

Today is the day! Well, sort of. Technically it's tomorrow. You must be wondering what this day is?

It is the day of THE HOBBIT. :D It's been over ten years since the first Lord of the Rings movie came out. And now it is the beginning of the beginning. The Hobbit Movie (Part 1) comes out tomorrow! (or tonight... sort of)

I've been excited for this movie since it was first rumored it was going to be made. When the trailer came out last winter, a whole YEAR before the movie's release, I was pumped. And these last couple weeks I've been worked up so much with excitement from watching the world movie premieres to interviews to just seeing things here and there hobbit-y related.

Yes, I am a geek (I regret nothing).

Last night I spent my time watching the old 1978 cartoon version of The Lord of the Rings. It was interesting to say the least. It is definitely worth watching for fans of the books though, if not to get a good kick out at the "special effects."

And I've dedicated today for watching all three of the live-action movies. Yes. Insane, right? Nerd? Geek? Go ahead, spit out the names. I don't care.

I'm going to finish the day (sort of) by going to the midnight showing of The Hobbit. It's going to be good. I mean, MARTIN FREEMAN as Bilbo. Right there it's already going to be great, but the whole rest of the cast looks amazing too. Richard Armitage is Thorin Oakenshield (leader of the dwarfs). Ian McKellan is back as Gandalf & Hugo Weaving is back as Elrond. Oh, and of course Andy Serkis is Gollum. It's going to be so good.

So, let me know if you are planning on seeing the movie tonight or tomorrow or any time in your life! I've been waiting for this a while now, and I'm excited.

Are you ready for an adventure?

-Jaguar Hero!

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