Friday, October 12, 2012

Grains of Sand

I went to chapel today at my school. We were talking about keeping the Sabbath and why it was important. We had a time to sit back and listen to God. We could also go "play" with sand. The idea behind the sand was to write our troubles, our problems, or our distractions in the sand and wipe it away. It was symbolism of God wiping it away from our life. They had baggies sitting next to the boxes of sand for us to take some with us. I took a handful of sand with me to remind me to keep the Sabbath.

When I got back to my seat to continue reflecting, I started to examine the sand through the plastic baggie. Most of the sand is the same light brown-white color. However, there are other colors mixed in as well, a few dark browns, even a greenish color, or a gray here and there. I fingered around with it, feeling the gritty grains between my fingers. 

As I stared at the different specks of sand, I started to think about how tiny each one was by itself. Together, sand can take up whole deserts, the whole bottom of the ocean, a span of a box or other containers. But by itself, a single grain is so tiny and insignificant. Unless someone looks real close, they just  might miss it.

My mind wandered to something I heard not that long ago. Astronomers have learned that our sun, the big bright heat bringer in the sky, is but a tiny grain of sand compared to all the stars in the universe. A tiny grain of sand. The sun. Do you know how big the sun is compared to Earth? And do you know how big the Earth is compared to us? Yeah. That puts a lot in perspective.

If our sun is a grain of sand among the universe, we are infinitely smaller. We are nothing. We are not ever visible. It's crazy. And it's even more crazy that God is bigger than all of those stars and galaxies and planets in the universe. That compared to Him, the stars are grains of sand. And we are even smaller.

And yet as I sat there thinking about this, I realized that God still loves us. He cares for us. He sent His Son  to die for us. Us, a small little nothing in a universe of grains of sand. He came and He died for us. DIED.

That's crazy love there. 

But you know something cool about sand? It's similar to dust. In fact, the thesaurus says dust is a synonym of sand.


And you know what God does with dust? He makes beautiful things. Right from the beginning of creation, He created US out of dust. And He called it good. Beautiful. Compared to the Earth, we are grains of sand. Compared to the sun, the Earth is tiny. And compared to the universe, the sun is a grain of sand among bazillions. But God still loves us. He still died for us. And He still makes beautiful things out of us, tiny dust particles. 

That's crazy.

-Jaguar Hero!