Monday, September 17, 2012

Sneak by Evan Angler-- Book Review

Logan Langly is Markless and on the run. He struggles to survive one day at a time.  But this time, he's not alone. He has the Dust and a few friends watching out for him, including the entire Markless population. Logan has learned that his sister, Lily, is at a Markeless prison that is hidden among mystery and shadow. He aims to save her at whatever cost. But, Logan is not alone in his quest.

Sneak by Evan Angler is the second book in the Swipe Series. If you haven't read Swipe, I'd advise you to check out that book first before reading on. But beware, once you read this, you can never go back... For once you read, you will forever be hunted by DOME.

From the first few pages, Sneak rocked. There was just so much excitement and danger from the start that I was immediately pulled in. And I hadn't even gotten to a part about Logan yet!

I enjoyed the story line of this book better than Swipe. It mainly stems from the fact, I've learned about the dystopian society in the books, so I can look past that and get into the story. Also, it was much more dangerous than the first book. There is little that goes on in this book where the Dust are not put into risky situations that are life or death. It makes for an intriguing story about where our world just may be headed.

The only thing I have to comment on that I didn't like, is there wasn't a whole lot of recap from the last book. There are things here and there that I recalled as the story went on, but there wasn't anything initially. I found myself having to think through what did I just read? But by the end, I didn't notice it as much and realized it didn't affect how my perception of the book was.

Sneak is a great read for any middle school or early high school age. Older students and adults may enjoy it for the plot line (like I did), but it's aimed at a younger crowd. I think this is a great idea though. It brings in points from Revelation and the end times for a younger generation to read and get warning about. There's a deeper level of biblical content in this book than the first. And it clearly proclaims the message of standing up for what you believe in.

All I can say is, Sneak is definitely a book you're going to want to pick up (and get rid of ASAP before DOME catches you with it). It's worth it to spread the message of Logan Langly, the Dust, and the Markless.

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-Jaguar Hero!
I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishing through I was required to give my honest opinion of the book, nothing more.

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