Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tributary by Lisa T. Bergren-- Book Review

*****WARNING: if you haven't read the other books in the River of Time Series (Waterfall, Cascade, Torrent, and Bourne) take caution in reading the rest. I don't want to spoil it for you. You have been warned.*****

Tributary by Lisa T. Bergren takes off one year after the chaotic events in Bourne. Things are going somewhat well for the Beterranis and their lives in medieval Italy. While, Lia struggles to live with the events of the past, such as the gory battles, their lives are settling in. Until Lord Greco accidently wounds a young woman from the "enemy's" side of Italy. Yeah, big no-no. Castle Forelli seeks any way to smooth over this little bump, but a few of the bad guys have no intentions for creating peace. Other smaller crises pop up that hit the girls and their family and friends with troubles as they juggle with this new guest of theirs.

First, look at that cover. Isn't it just stunning? It made me all the more excited to read this book!

It was a very compelling read, like the others. The medieval settings, descriptions, and such are just marvelous. While the characters stay in the confines of the castle for at least half the book, it wasn't boring. The events in the book were both surprising and cleverly created. They kept me on my toes, and I was forced to read it in one afternoon. It was that good.

Lisa T. Bergren,
the author
This book leaves Gabi's thoughts to herself and focuses on Lia's mind and a third person point of view. I missed some of Gabi's narrative, but I didn't think her not being there took away from this novella. And enough happens with her that she is still very much a part of the story. Lia surely has grown, and not just in her relationship with Luca. I like her character, and I liked seeing her opinions again like in Bourne. Third person view surprised me, but it fit so we could catch a glimpse into Alexandria's life in what she believes is the enemy's castle. I liked her character a lot too. She wasn't some sissy girl that can't get over herself. She was full of life and determination, and she was strong and loyal to what she believed in.

I can't talk about these books without mentioning Lord Greco. (*sighs*) He and the other medieval boys were as enchanting as ever. Between their valiant fighting to stand up for their ladies and brothers and their chivalrous manners, they are going to steal the hearts of any girl who reads this book. Luca's quirky attitude had me laughing, and Marcello is the ever strong leader that has an air about him that says he's the boss. It's quite cool. And finally, I got to see Lord Greco genuinely happy. It was wonderful.

If you enjoyed any of the other books in this series, I am most certain you will enjoy this book too. And if you haven't any yet and you are this far, well go read all of them. They are some of the best books I have ever read. And I sincerely hope Tributary is not the last book. Especially not with that ending. :D

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  1. Thanks so much for being such a loyal River reviewer, Jaguar!

  2. You're welcome. Any time. :D I enjoy the books so much!

  3. I thought Tributary was the best book of the series, but you have to read them all to get the most out of this one! The action and adventure just don't stop. Jaguar didn't mention you can now purchase Bourne and Tributary as a two in one volume, not just e-book format.

    Happy reading!!