Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finally and Forever by Robin Jones Gunn-- Book Review

*Warning: if you haven't read the other books in this series yet, please don't read. I tried not to have spoilers but it is hard*

Katie Weldon, on a whim, decides to go to Africa. She is thrown into a new culture and knows only one person, who is starting to become more than a friend. At times it's exciting and breathtaking, but other times she is feeling very out of her league. She hopes to find the path and future God has for, while juggling with past and new conflict.

First, I loved all the African culture that was laced throughout this book. From learning certain phrases such as Jambo! (equivalent to "Hello!") and Mpaji ni Mungu (equivalent to "God is the sustainer") to just experiencing the people and culture (like the peanut-like bugs or the crazy wildlife) I felt like I had been transported half-way across the world. It was spectacular and beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Robin Jones Gunn,
the author
Then there's Katie, who comes up with the quirky lines and hilarious ideas. She is truly one of my favorites out of the Forever Friends crew. I can relate with her very easily and understand her thoughts and feelings, almost like they are my own. And then there's the ever-awesome Eli, who becomes even more adorable and fantastic in these pages. Katie's journey in finding her place in this world and God's will is something any one looking can see. I love her God moments and the joy spread through the book by His hand. It's marvelous.

While there is troublesome conflicts within the story, the end is just perfect. Any fan of the Forever Friends this far will thoroughly enjoy this ending and hope that more books are coming (hint, hint!) and that the "forever" doesn't mean there adventures are over. I know I enjoyed it. This may be my favorite of the Katie books for the culture differences and the heart-wrenching moments with the people of Africa.

Uzuri wa Afrika -- "The Beauty of Africa" is truly seen throughout this book.

For more you can check out the author's site or find her on facebook and twitter. Enjoy!

-Jaguar Hero!

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