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Sierra Jensen Vol. 1 by Robin Jones Gunn-- Book Review

Sierra Jensen is a energetic, unique girl that tries hard to follow God and His plans for her life. She has her own personal style and doesn't usually care what others think. She is upbeat and full of life. And with Sierra Jensen Volume One, you can experience three of her stories in one book!

The three stories are:
Only You, Sierra-- Sierra takes a missions trip to Europe and on her return trip has a chance encounter with a guy named Paul. She also battles of moving into a new home.
In Your Dreams-- Force to spend a weekend taking care of her grandmother, Sierra is fed up with everything in her life including finding a job, a boyfriend, and friends. Can she find hope in the midst of her overwhelmed life?
Don't You Wish-- Sierra has a few wishes she hopes come true. When a couple do, and she finds out how wrong she was, she begins to wonder how she can let God's wishes for her life become fulfilled. Also, she gets to meet up with her old friends, Christy Miller and the gang, but even that proves to be bittersweet as she feels left out of the "couple game".

Robin Jones Gunn,
the author
I have always loved Robin Jones Gunn's books. Between the Christy Miller series, Sierra Jensen books, and even the newer Katie Weldon stories, I have been inspired and found friends between those pages. Sierra Jensen is someone who knows herself and is willing to be herself in any situation. When she meets Paul at the airport, a complete stranger, she isn't a afraid to strike up a conversation about anything and even go to far with somethings. It's just her. And that makes her awesome.

Sierra Jensen and her ups and downs of life are an inspiration to any teenage girl. She tries her best to seek God first, and when she messes up, makes her way to fix the problem. The lessons Sierra learns can be good lessons for all of us. Her spunky spirit makes the books enjoyable and fun.

I have and continue to recommend these books to my friends and others. Many have loved them also. And if you read this and enjoy Sierra Jensen, I'd suggest both the Christy Miller series (where it all started) and the Katie Weldon books (where it is just starting to take off). Enjoy!

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I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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  1. i have read the christy miller and the glenbrooke books they are amazing and has giving me a new perspective of god and it has drawn me closer to god and i thank robin jones for that. :) :)