Friday, March 16, 2012

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver-- Book Review

Pandemonium is the sequel to Delirium by Lauren Oliver. It follows Lena as she escapes from society and the "Cure" (an operation that makes everyone immune to love) and enters into her new life in the Wilds. Except, she is alone because Alex was killed at the crossing. She wanders, half-dead through the woods until a group of Invalids stumble upon her and take her in. Now she has a new life. Now she is reborn.

From the first couple pages, I was pulled into the story. It was incredible. As Lena escapes into the Wilds, she compares herself to being "reborn". It was intriguing.

The book goes back and forth between Now and Then. It shows Lena as she regains her strength in the Wilds and then what she is currently doing as she infiltrates the society with the resistance. It wasn't at all confusing. In fact, I thought it was cool. It shows the changes she goes through.

We get a good look at the resistance and the Invalids. We see the hardships they go through, trying to survive in the Wilds. And the strengths they have. I enjoyed the new batch of characters, each one unique with a mysterious past. We even see a deeper side of the society and their outlook on the Cure. Lena meets and befriends, in a way, the prime model of the Cure, Julian. His situation tugged at my heartstrings and made me like him just as much as Alex.

Lauren Oliver is a great story teller. The whole story played out with riveting twists, especially that ending (which I will NOT speak of). There were a couple things here and there I didn't enjoy, such as a few swear words and such. But other than that, it was a great book. I cannot wait for the third book. It's going to be crazy!

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