Monday, January 16, 2012

Dragons! Dragons! Dragons!!!!

Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day! We are supposed to do things for our dragons Whether it's cooking for them, polishing their scales, singing songs, flying through the skies, it's all for making our little or big dragons feel loved!

Amethyst reading
my dragon books.
I have two dragons. One is purple and named Amethyst. He loves to sing and read. He is not shy at all. I let him read my dragon books today, and I polished his scales to make them shine. He likes to pretend he's a big dragon that can burn everything up with fire (don't tell him, his wisps of smoke are not flammable).

My other dragon is Drake. He's white and an invisibility dragon, so most of the time you can't see him. He is quite shy and likes to stay near my  hair. He uses it as a nest to sleep in. :D Drake likes to play games. He is very helpful when cooking also, though he eats tries to eat the food too much. I polished his scales today too. I also played a few games with him. He enjoys hide and seek (because he always wins).

I hope you had a wonderful, dragon day full of magical surprises! No matter how big or small, funny or cute, shiny or dirty, your dragon deserves to be appreciated. So have fun making them feel special!

I must go, my dragons are begging me for some Lava Soup and to have a treasure hunt. :D

-Jaguar Hero!

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