Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alienation by Jon S. Lewis-- Book Review

Imagine walking down the street and all of a sudden flashing lights explode in the sky. Then an alien spaceship crashes right in front of you. Do you run? Freeze up? Scream? Out of thin air a group of people straight from a comic book spring out and raise their strange, futuristic weapons at the crashed UFO.

That is how I feel when I'm reading The Chaos Trilogy by Jon S. Lewis.

Lewis takes the comic book aspect, mixes in some weird aliens like Star Trek, and focuses on a few teenagers that's are headed to a school for training to be a secret agent. Let's just say, it's awesome (at least, for me, a huge... science fiction fanatic).

I read the first novel in this series, Invasion, about a year ago, and I remember I really enjoyed it. So, when I started Alienation about ten months later, I was completely lost. I had forgotten everything that had happened (my mind getting stuffed with other information). However, the book started off with a bang and just rolled on from there. It was great.

Alienation kept the whole this-is-like-a-comic-book-but-it's-really-a-novel thing up very well throughout the whole story. There was a lot of intense action like in science fiction movies and...well... comic books. The high-tech gadgets (hover boards, jet packs, computers, weapons, etc) were so cool. It sealed the deal that aliens really could be attacking Earth (really big, creepy aliens).

Jon S. Lewis, author
The other aliens (the good ones) were a great addition. As a human, Colt (main character) was confused that an Earth-based agency was recruiting aliens. But I liked them.

Another aspect I liked was bringing God into. Lewis did a good job. He didn't stray from the science fiction idea, but he brought God into it. He mashed up two of my favorite things (comic books and God). I thought it was brilliant when Colt was able to pray to God and trust Him to get him through the hard times.

All-in-all very good book. I'd recommend the others. And I can't wait to read the next one.

-Jaguar Hero!

I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishing through I was required to give my honest opinion of the book, nothing more.

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