Friday, December 16, 2011

The 12 Days of Middle Earth

So, the other day, my brother jokingly said to me that he thought Owl City should do a cover of the 12 Days of Christmas and sing "Five Lord of the Rings" (because Owl City blows twitter up with Lord of the Rings "Superbowl" and other jokes... which make us laugh hysterically). Then it got me thinking... "five Lord of the Rings..." hmmm...

And this is what I came up with (along with my brother's help because he has a vaster knowledge of Lord of the Rings than me). I present, the 12 Days of Middle Earth.

On the (substitute a number here and sing along) of Middle Earth, Gandalf gave to me....

Twelve Stewards of Gondor
Eleven Orcs Fighting
Ten Roharim Riding
Nine Nazgul Screaming
Eight Ents Marching
Seven Dwarf-Lords Mining
Six Ring-Bearers Vanishing
Four Hungry Hobbits
Three Elven Lords
Two Towers Falling
And Gollum singing "ONE RING FOR MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

Yes, some parts are a little sketchy with the rhythm, but I rather like it. Plus, you should see the scratches and questions marks, and scribbles as I tried to think of all twelve days. Any questions or comments are welcomed. Lord of the Rings is a huge part of my family (not so much my mom, but dad, brother, sister, dog... yeah). Next up: Narnia...? Any takers?

Now to get Owl City to sing it... haha jk.

-Jaguar Hero!

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