Saturday, October 15, 2011

Walking Corpses

symbol on Forbidden's cover
I recently read a book called Forbidden by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee. (It was so good. So if you aren't too busy right now, I'd run to your car or bike or flying machine or dragon or other transportation and go straight to your nearest bookstore, library or place where you can steal books... I mean, buy books, and get it. It's that awesome. If you don't believe me, read it. Oh, and you might need some coffee or something that will keep you awake, you've got a long night ahead of you of no sleeping. :D). Ahem, anyways. It got me thinking a lot about the world.

In the book, it's about 500 years into the future. And all emotions have been genetically stripped away except fear. Through the help of a few bold, young people, a vial of pure blood, a crazy, old man, and a crippled boy, they learn that not only are people unemotional but they are technically dead.

In the book, the main character (and instigator of this unbelievable truth), Rom says, "'Where there's no capacity to feel and love, where the soul of humanity itself has been stripped from the genetic code, there's no life.'" But by taking a small amount of pure blood, from before the emotionless days (called Chaos), life is restored. Rom and four others take this blood and have emotions they could never have dreamed off.

I think our world today has gotten a dose of this emotionless disease. There's not much true love left, not the real love I believe in. And if there's no love, there's no real life. So, like the book's world, our world is full of "dead people".

Another quote from the book supports this idea further, "a whole world of the unwitting dead. Lost to love. Lost to beauty. Like walking corpses." If we go out into the world and watch them, we can see there is not much love. Oh, there may be some love, but it's not always true, genuine love. It's not love like we've been given freely. The world is dead. It's walking blindly in the dark, unaware of the love continually reaching out to touch the darkness with light.

The future world of Rom is not lost though. They have a hope. The blood that can wipe away the disease affecting their genes and emotions. We have hope too. It is also blood. It's an innocent blood that was spilled for our benefit. The pure blood of Christ.

Now maybe you think I'm just going to give you the same old message of repent and follow some religion. No. I encourage you to follow someone who loves you enough to die. To be beaten, whipped, and murdered on a tree for you. He did nothing wrong. He was innocent and perfect. All you have to do is follow Him. You don't have to be perfect or innocent. You can mess up, but if you genuinely want to change and chase after the Creator of the Universe, you can. In Forbidden, Rom is not perfect. He messed up quite a few times. He almost gave up entirely. But the hope of their world, a small crippled boy, did not give up on him. And neither will God, no matter what you've done or do. He loves you with real love.

To you who know these facts, this love, we are encouraged... no, commanded to tell others about this love and light. Those around you, at school, at work, in the library or at the store, they are lost. They are walking in darkness. And God has told us "You are the light of the world...let your light shine before men, that they  may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:14-16). We must show them the way, the light, the truth, the love. Just like Rom and Avra and Triphon and a crazy, old man must show their dead world the truth.

A single light is so bright in the darkness, even if it's not that bright.

I'm not guilt-tripping you into doing something. You make the choice to be a light and follow Jesus. I'm just encouraging you to take a new perspective on the world and to read a really great book. :)

-Jaguar Hero!

More info on Forbidden can be found here.

Many of the pictures are from my sister, Becca. (She's a missionary) Her blog can be found here.

The other pictures are from friends.

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