Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He was created to create. Let him create.

In one week, the craziest month of the year will begin. National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write a novel (at least 50,000 words) in 30 days. Starting from scratch (other than basic ideas, no other writing ahead of time). Crazy. Ridiculous. Stressful.


I think it'll be fun. I may actually get everything that is drifting... or swirling or dive-bombing through my brain on to physical paper and into real words. I will cram it, so it'll probably be a pile of crap. But the best thing will it'll be written. So then I can edit. *laughs evilly like: MWHAHAHAHAH!!!*

I love writing. It lets me express things that I don't always know how to say out loud. It lets me travel to other worlds, talk to people and creatures, and have adventures that are impossible. I have a huge imagination and if writing did not exist I don't know what I'd do with it all. Spend my whole life daydreaming of flying and petting unicorns and seeing the earth from the moon. I would get nothing done.

One of my biggest dreams is to:
"Write an extraordinary story that will leave your reader gasping." (quote is from Showdown by Ted Dekker)

The door to another world
I want someone to pick up my stories and be lost in them, like I am when I read books. I want them to read it and want more and more. But most of all I want them to see the love of Christ and His mercy and grace. I'm not always the loudest person or most courageous. But through my writing I can tell people about the good news.

1 John 2:12 sums up this stirring feeling within me. "I am writing to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of His name." 

If  I can do that, write because of God, then I won't need to write for any other reason. I will always write to glorify Jesus, whether I ever get it published, whether any one else ever reads my work. It's for Him.

It's also for me. To live the adventure I'd want to live. To let myself be a character, or parts of a character. To do the impossible (like fly, or ride a dinosaur, or swing a sword)

I have numerous other stories floating in my mind. Some are fantasy, some aren't. But all will reflect God and His love in some way. Because without Him, I would not have this writing gift. Without Him I am nothing.
Taken by
Courtney Jean Photography

These are my four steps of writing, taken from Ted Dekker's book called Showdown:
"1. Write to discover.
2. There is no greater discovery than love.
3. All love comes from the Creator.
4. Write what you will."

Now maybe those don't seem like writing guidelines, but I see it. Maybe you don't agree. That's fine. I just like them. They show my goal of writing, and who I am writing for. Writing is discovery, whether it be a story, something personal, characters, other worlds and creatures. Love is the ultimate discovery. More importantly, love from the Creator. It will bring you something you can't experience or discover otherwise. Writers write what we will. Whatever we feel like writing. Whatever is circling our head, looking for a moment to grab our complete attention and demand to be written into existence (even if they have to threaten us with swords, sharp teeth or a drop from a very high height).

I am a writer. I write until everything inside is out. I write until I bleed (metaphorically of course... right?). I write so the voices leave me alone (I am not crazy!).

-Jaguar Hero!

One of the pictures is courtesy of Courtney Jean Photography.

Here you can find everything you need to know about Ted Dekker and his awesome books (which title of post is also a quote from his book called Black).


  1. I write so the voices leave me alone (I am not crazy!)

    That about sums me up. Haha. Just ask my sister.

    I love this post (well, every post of yours that I've read) and Dekker's books. I've only read his Circle universe, but I love them and the thoughts on writing, creating, love.

    And those rules. Just, yes. They are perfect, aren't they?

    Jessy @ Barefoot in the Snow

    1. I love Ted Dekker, though it's been too long since I've read a book by him. I think my favorites are the Circle Universe books, but he has a lot of fantastic books. I suppose if you like thrillers, mysteries, and interesting takes of darkness vs. light, you should definitely read them. My favorite non-Circle Universe of his is The Bride Collector, but there are others that are swell too! :D


    2. As usually, I have an impossibly high stack of books to be read. But I'll get back around to him again and read his other books. I just discovered his newest one, Hacker, which looks absolutely awesome.

    3. I understand the feeling. I can see my piles of to-be read books out of the corner of my eye and cringing for letting it go so long. They must hate me for forgetting them. *sigh*

      I saw promos for that and it does look interesting! :) I might have to look into finding a copy to read soon!

    4. haha, yes! And yet we just keep adding to the pile. I swear, for every book I read, I end up adding 2 or 3 in its place!