Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waterfall Wednesdays Discussion 3

Being a dope, I forgot about Waterfall Wednesdays again... (I do rely on Facebook to tell me and that didn't happen... darn). So I am late again, maybe I'll just need to call mine Waterfall Post-Wednesdays... ha! Well, here I go then.

Discussion 3 Questions (Chapters 12-17)

1. In Siena, on her way to the ball at Palazzo Pubblico, Gabi likened her experience to being on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, the goal being "to see and be seen." If you were a peasant, watching from the crowd, what would you be thinking as this procession passed by?
Oh, man! I would be drooling all over my shoes. I'd be like... look at all those fabulous knights and pretty ladies... so jealous. I'd probably wish I could ride a fine steed and wear gorgeous dresses. I might even pretend to be a beautiful princess in a sparkly green dress and twirling around with a handsome knight. *sighs.... and quickly wipes drool emerging from mouth*

2. Though quite nervous about dancing at the ball, Gabi discovers a strange feeling of connection to the time, the people, and the society through the unified beauty of the dance. Have you ever been in a position where you felt out of your element, but, in one, pinpointed moment, became a part of or connected to something bigger than your fear?
Yes. When I went to church camp for the very first time, I was nervous and scared and about to pee my pants. I kept by my best friends side the whole time because I didn't want to be alone for even a second. I mean, I was going to be away from home for a whole week! We were greeted at the door by a crazy staff member and I was freaked. But as the day progressed, I met my cabin-mates and started on the crazy, mud-slinging games I felt much better. And that was only the first year ... Now I'm a pro at going to camp and having the time of my life. :D

3. The kiss. Oh, the kiss. When Marcello finally kisses Gabi, he believes the experience to be proof that they are meant to be together. What did you think about his assumption? Were you surprised at Gabi's reaction to it? Have you ever experienced a kiss that seemed to be prophetic in a similar (or opposite!) way?
That's just crazy! I mean, one kiss and he knows. I guess there are a few stories I've heard (true stories) about people knowing things like that. It must have been completely bewildering! I have never experienced a kiss at all. In truth, I don't plan to until I get married, because then it will be my proof I'm meant to be with my lovely knight. :)

4. Many go through their teen years with a subdued sense of immortality. Do you think Gabi has a sense of this teen feeling? And did you think Gabi's converse observation, "Sometimes death came hunting and there was no way to cut it off at the pass." was informed more by the experience of losing her father, her self-admitted closet hypochondria, or the forced maturation of being transported to a different time? How does this observation show Gabi's growth as a character?
Um, yeah. I think she understands in the sense that this time is dangerous, they don't have fancy hospitals or medication. But I do think she takes risks for what she wants and such. I think it came from her father's death. Yes, being a hypochondriac can cause you to be paranoid and another time may scare you, but the death of a loved one really does jolt us to reality. 

5. In the span of a few moments, Gabi goes from sword-wielding teen beauty to man-killing warrior. Did you think her realization of the finality of death -- and her justification for its necessity -- was realistic? And, in her slippers, could you have done the same?
Yes. It most likely is gut-wrenching the first time you realize someone has died from your own hands. As for me, no. I couldn't even lift the sword, and I'd be tripping all over the place in the dresses and slippers. Let's just say, I wouldn't survive the first half of the book. :P

Feel free to join in the discussion once you've read the book! Thanks for reading. 

-Jaguar Hero!


  1. Great answers! And good for you waiting for that first kiss!

  2. Haha! Thanks! :D

    I was reading a book series where one of the minor characters did it, and I was like... if HE can do it, then I should. Plus, I'm only going to marry one guy, right? :)

  3. And no regrets of having a long line of guys that you have kissed. It's worth the wait!

  4. Love your answers! Sorry it took me so long to show up here -- I'm very behind on my blog hopping!

    I love your blog! -- please contact me at chase dot serena at gmail dot com with shipping info -- your name was the chosen winner for week 3!

  5. Hey, Thanks! And that's perfectly okay you are late. I'm just glad people are reading!

    Awesome. Just sent the email. Thanks!