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Torrent by Lisa T. Bergren-- Book Review

A blinding light streaks past you as you head into the time tunnel, perhaps for the final time. You pull your hand away just in time. Everything slows down and begins to clear. Next to you, your sister stands, and your mom and... yes, your dad (who previously was dead, perks of time traveling). You can't believe it, the whole family in one place, together. Then you remember Marcello and why you came back. You hurry to the opening of the tomb, your sister only steps ahead of you. Shock strikes you as you see the troops patrolling around the land. Fear digs into the pit of your stomach; you know something is not right. Where is Marcello? And why does his castle having the enemy's flag waving from its turrets?

Moments ago, I finished the third book in the River of Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren. It was breathtaking, beautiful, and stunning. So dive into the river with me as I cordially invite you to not one but to two weddings (this is where you *gasp*).

Lisa T. Bergren, the author
First, I must say I was shocked by many of the events in this book. The twists churned me violently as I was swept away into the torrents of this story. I even found myself squealing and giggling during the romantic parts, and let me tell you I AM NOT like that at all! I also cried, once, which doesn't  happen often when I read.

Lisa T. Bergren should be commended for her wonderful way of story telling. The moments of action and suspense are critical to the story. The description is alive and breathing. Her characters are compelling and unforgettable. At times, I felt myself to be Gabi, to be so in love yet so determined to help those in need. And, although I am the younger sister, I felt that Lia was like my sister. We know each other so well, as the Betarrini sisters do. Those moments between sisters, and friends, were very relating to my own life.

Lord Rodolfo Greco
The men of the story are all charming in their own ways. Marcello is the prize knight, so loyal and self-controlled, while Luca is the jokester (*sigh*). Even Rodolfo Greco found a special place in my heart in this book. I felt so bad for him at times. He is used to save Gabi, with nothing in return but umm... *cough*... can't spoil that. Will someone please go to the present day and bring him back a lovely lady?! I mean, goodness, he's just as attractive as the rest of them, right? Or is that just me...hmm.. I'll volunteer! (But first I must learn Italian... *gulp*)

The addition of Gabi's and Lia's father was great for the story. He is that ever present shadow that forced Gabi and Marcello to behave. And he proves to be great in battle.

I liked that Ms. Bergren included real facts into her story (as she states in an afterword of sorts at the back of the book). She showed how wedding traditions differed back then as to now, and things in Rome were quite true to the 14th century time, though they seemed impossible.

Tomas, the priest, is a great character. I enjoyed him from the moment he stepped into the pages. He is true to God, no matter his past ways and what dangers lie ahead for him. His presence makes Gabi more leaning to God and that is a great attribute in itself, to be an example to others as they make a journey with God. He, too, is loyal and valiant, which makes him a great addition to Torrent.

The final battle scene tore me to pieces. I was on the edge of seat, my heart pounding as if I were up on the turrets battling knights and trying to save lives. It was so exceptional, the details and the play of things. It was scary and breathtaking, and it made me worry someone important would die. But, alas, I cannot give anything away. Let's just say it was very surprising the turn of events.

It was such a great, romantic, exciting ending to a great series. However, Ms. Bergren does hint she could write more stories. This may not be The End for us, but it was a very nice, concrete ending for a wonderful trilogy.
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Which knight really does prove to capture the most hearts? Take your pick, but beware there are many other girls seeking their hearts also, including the Betarrini sisters (She-Wolves of Siena, *howls*).

It seems that the Betarrini sisters and the charming knights have found a channel to internet waves and are appearing on facebook. Check them and become their fans! (Gabi, Lia, Marcello, Luca, and Rodolfo)

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  1. Awesome, awesome review, my friend. Thanks for telling your readers about my series!

    And I love all your quotes to the right...

  2. Hey! Anytime. I love books and I would love anyone to read the good ones. :D

    And thank you! I just write down any quotes that catch my eye and write them down. :D I'll have to reread the River of Time books to look for quotes.

    Thanks for checking this out and commenting. I appreciate it.