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Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren-- Book Review

 Imagine being in Italy for the summer. You are the daughter of an archaeologist so you travel a lot. Italy, no big deal, you are there all the time. But this time, you stumble on these old tombs and wind up almost 700 years in the past. You crawl out of the dark hole and get blinded by age-old sunlight. The first thing you see is a bunch of knights fighting with swords, and the most attractive person you have ever laid eyes on. Tall, dark curly hair, brown eyes, and charming. And what happens when this knight in shining armor rescues you from the battle?

In Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren, Gabi Betarrini, a 17 year old, time travels to 14th century Italy. And what does she find? Love. Romance. A super-awesome, attractive medieval knight. And the determination to find her sister, Lia, who also time traveled. Oh, and she starts the biggest feud between the castles and families. (Did I mention her knight in shining armor is betrothed to another woman? Ouch.)

Gabi's mother is an archeologist, so traveling to Italy was no big deal to Gabi and Lia that summer. But time traveling is a different story. The sisters are separated and begin to shake things up in medieval Italy. They fight, when girls aren't supposed to. And they attract trouble, tons of it, all the time.
Also, Gabi begins to fall hopelessly in love with Marcello Forelli and he to her.

I really enjoyed this book. I love reading fantasy books. I've read Narnia and Lord of the Rings and various other similar genre stories. This was different, though. It took actual facts from our world's history and made a story. Waterfall created a whole new perspective on the time traveling thing. After all, falling in love with knight that's centuries older must count for something, right?

Lisa T. Bergren, the author
First, the details. They are so vivid and wonderful. I felt like I had traveled back in time instead of Gabi. Every time Marcello looks Gabi's way I felt my stomach squirm in excitement. I felt the intensity during the fight scenes, as swords flashed and arrows flew and blood was flung through the air. It is truly amazing. To recreate a setting that no one has lived in for centuries is incredible. The characters stay true to their nature. Gabi messes up a few times, acting modern or doing things women in medieval times would not do (such as wielding a sword and fighting, riding a horse without a side-saddle, and wearing pants), which further enhances the plot line (She-Wolves of Siena!). Marcello stays the noble knight throughout the story, never wavering in his loyalty and honor or love. And Luca, Marcello's best friend, always cracks the jokes to make up for the seriousness of the story.

Marcello Forelli
The fact that Gabi has to make life and death choices makes the story riveting. She could die because of one act or another. She even has a few difficult moments trusting God, because her faith isn't solid like those in Medieval times were. The modern world makes her feel no need to talk to God or lean on Him in hard times, which is likely to relate to many of us. She also has to decide between her life in the 21st century and staying with Marcello because of love. Back home, in modern times, she has no worries about disease, starving, or being hunted or killed by a crazy guy with a sword. She doesn't have to worry about being kidnapped and tortured or being bored living in a castle (like that could be boring). She has a sister, a mother, to look forward to. But the emotions inside her heart fight with her logic. Marcello Forelli is here. Her knight in shining armor. Who would want to give that up?

When my mom brought this book home from the library I gave it a glance and said, sure I'll read it. The cover looked pretty cool. It sounded interesting enough. I mean, it was about a knight in shining armor, fantasy, my favorite. But as I began, and continued to read it, I never wanted to put it down. I was astounded. It was amazing. I immediately began checking the next book's (Cascade) release date. I hounded my mom to buy it for the library she works at. I told my friends at school it was really and good and that they would enjoy it. That it was pretty much amazing.

Finally, two months after the second book came out, Cascade fell into my hands yesterday. I am halfway through it. I plan on finishing it very soon. And then I will wait in earnest for Torrent to be released. After all, that's the book with Marcello on it. :)

All three books

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