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Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren-- Book Review

So you just got back from 14th Century Italy. What's your first thought? I need to go back. I need to see my knight. But your sister is completely freaking out, especially about the blood on your dress. (Please go read Waterfall if you haven't yet.) Then your mom catches you in the tombs (Did I mention, you aren't supposed to be in there?). You explain it to her, who then wants proof. Now you travel back, with your sister and mom in tow. Months have passed. All that you have done (in the last book) is reflected. You are hero to Siena. You are loved by a knight. And you are hated and hunted by the enemy (that can't be good, right?)

In Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren, Gabi and Lia return to 14th Century Italy. Gabi's main intention is to find Marcello; she can't bear to be apart from him. Lia is concerned someone will get hurt or worse. But the place has changed. The She-Wolves of Siena (Gabi and Lia) have a price on their head, and the enemy is beginning plans to attack.

First, I must mention Luca. In the first book, he is the funny guy. The guy Gabi should have fallen in love with since Marcello is spoken for. Throughout Cascade, he cracked the jokes. He makes me even laugh, out loud as I read (with me having to apologize to those around me staring). I think he's my favorite character. I always go for those funny guys. Haha. :D

This book picks right up where Waterfall left off. But his time, the Bertarrini girls bring along their mother (who ends up being pretty awesome). The emotion is still there. I felt what Gabi felt, every loving word from Marcello's lips, every hand holding moment or dancing. It felt real and alive. When Luca tickles Lia I wanted to laugh along, because it is just so darn cute.

Lisa T. Bergren, the author
The danger is there too, all the action ans suspense and adventure. Gabi and Lia are running for their lives through most of the story and it's very heart-pounding, even as I sit in my safe little living room. I love action and adventure movies, and I definitely got into the action moments, the fights and battles. It is intense and absolutely astounding.

Everything kept me on the edge of my seat. I was desperate to find out what happened. Would there be a happily ever after? Will they save Gabi? Will they save the castle or be defeated? After all, this wasn't the last book. Things could happen that they would need to fix in the last book, before the happily ever after. But my biggest question... How will Gabi convince her family to stay in the 14th century?

Oh, it was exciting. I enjoyed that Gabi begins to rely on God more. She prays more for safety and protection. In uncertain times, in hopeless situations she doesn't sit there and mope, she thinks through things, tries to find a way out, and trusts God. It's a lesson a lot of us should learn.

New characters, new fears and disasters made the plot roll without much slowing. There are plenty of twists and turns that I didn't see coming, others I hoped would happen. This was an excellent sequel, and I can't wait for Torrent in September. For now, I can only have dreams of castles and shining knights, and maybe the days will go by more quickly.
All three books

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