Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When All Else Fades

Taken by Courtney Jean Photography
The drums pound in my ears. The other instruments resound, vibrating through my body up to my heart. One of my hands is stretched up as far as I can reach. The music grows loud, and all around me people are speaking praises to God. The stage lights glare though my eyes are close.

Then, the music softens and slows. The lights go out. It is dark, pitch black dark. The sky above us still rumbles with the aftermath of a storm. In the middle of the crowd, voices rise up, singing.
Taken by Angelina Seeman
With everything, with everything we will shout for your glory. With everything, with everything we will shout forth your praise.

I find my own voice joining. The music grows slowly, building up. Electricity fills the air, the electricity of worship. The band on stage joins in. Every nerve in my body, every thing in my body shoots upwards, giving glory to God. The songs changes, growing to a steady roar. Our singing morphs into more of a scream. A scream of praise.

Nothing matters in this moment but our Savior. Not being out too late and having worried parents. No frustrations of summer homework. Just God and the urge to worship him.

Taken by Angelina Seeman
Last night, I had the privilege of seeing Hillsong United in concert. This was the first time they had played in my state. It was amazing, awesome, breathtaking. I was surrounded by hundreds of Christians that weren't afraid to worship God. We sang, we screamed, we clapped, we danced, and we worshiped God with everything inside of us. It was an awesome experience I was glad I did not miss.

The show was called, the Aftermath. God is with us through the storms in our lives and there to pick us up when it's over. He's with us every step of the way, and He always will be.

In the middle of the concert it started to storm. At first it was just a few bolts of lightning flashing in the night sky. Even the lead singer of Hillsong United mentioned that God was putting on a light show that we could never compete with (referring to the light show on stage). That was really cool. Then slowly, a cool breeze swept by as we continued to worship. Light drops of rain fell, and then it poured. It was awesome.

There were two small tents for people to go under. The majority of the people I was with stayed out in the rain. We danced and flocked like birds and just enjoyed it. We watched the intense light show as it thundered over head. I like storms. I think they are pretty cool, and I was glad I could experience a storm outside without any worries. It was so cool. The rain eventually stopped, and the show went on.

One of their songs is called "From the Inside Out". A line of the lyrics is "Everlasting, your light will shine when all else fades. Never ending, your glory goes beyond all praise."

 This is very important. God's light will never go out. Our world is filled with things that will fade and be no more. But God will never be gone. He will always be here. He is everlasting. He is never ending. And I just have to say that is awesome.

Taken by Courtney Jean Photography
In Isaiah 60: 20 it says "the Lord will be your everlasting light, and your days of sorrow will end." How awesome is that? God will be with us, and we will have no more pain or sorrow. We will be in His mighty hands forever. What better way to spend eternity than that?

It also says in Psalms 121:8, "the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." God is watching out for us. He will never lead us into something we can't handle. He will always be with us, today and tomorrow and in ten years from now. All we have to do is love Him and accept that Jesus died for us.

Hillsong United mentioned that God has overcome the world (John 16:33). He has overcome the grave, and He has saved us all from death. And I think, just because of that He deserves all the praise. Last night, I gave everything inside of me to Him. Next week, when I go to camp I plan on having four nights of worship just like that. I hope you will join me and do the same.

-Jaguar Hero!

P.S. Some pictures are credited to Courtney Jean Photography, along with ones from Angelina Seeman.

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  1. It's pretty cool that during the worship service, God sent a storm and the "aftermath" of the storm was hundreds, maybe even thousands of people worshiping and giving all glory to God.