Monday, May 30, 2011

Jaguar Hero!

I love superheroes. They fascinate me. Each one has its own colors, abilities, costumes, and sometimes team. They are so cool. Plus, many were created fifty years ago and are still popular. They adapt to go with the change in times, yet they stay true to their original character. Awesome.

Jaguar Hero!
I created my own superhero once. In eighth grade, one of my friends and I made up "nicknames" for ourselves using our initials. I became Jaguar Hero! and she became Air Conditioning!. It wasn't until I was a freshman that the "hero" part formed. I created her to make comics (horribly drawn comics) for my older sister. She thought they were hilarious and that the stick figures and crappy coloring job made it even better.

Jaguar Hero! hails from the planet Serionium. It's a half yellow, half green planet with a random triangle of red forest in the middle. However, when Jaguar Hero! was young a strange monster came to Serionium and took over. It was called the Tick[Le] monster. It would infect people with a disease that made them itchy but laugh hysterically until they died. Quite gruesome. So Jaguar Hero!'s family put her in a rocket ship and sent her away. After bouncing from planet to moon to asteroid field, she landed on Earth and became a hero (yes, it's cliche).

Her original name is Jazz-wire Heyro. But since she has a strong Serionias accent, the people on Earth thought she said Jaguar Hero! She has crazy wild hair and her colors are green, red, and yellow. Her powers include: flight, super speed (like a jaguar), and fire. She gets boost of energy from pineapples, and her weakness is ladybugs and smoke.

These all seem very random, I suppose. Yet each aspect relates to me, for she is me. I hate ladybugs. They gross me out. I have a few inside jokes about pineapples involving television shows (Chuck and Psych). And I think it would be awesome to fly and shoot fire from my hands! I would also love to wear a cape every where I went.

Air Conditioning!
(Not self-portrait)
Air Conditioning! is Jaguar Hero!'s partner. She has the ability to control the air currents, so she can fly and she has freeze power. She comes from the frozen planet of Invierno. Once, when her planet caught on fire, Air Conditioning went to search other planets for help. Finding Earth, she and her snow dinosaur Dino Saurus (pronounced Dee-no Sore-us) found Jaguar Hero!. Also, Earth's oxygen gave Air Conditioning powers. She and her dino decided to stay on Earth with Jaguar Hero! and help protect it.

There are other heroes she meets and works with such as Roush Hero (Jaguar Hero!'s sister), Rocket Star, Rocket Man, Amazing Sneezer, Amazing Swordfish, Dynamite Bandit, Jumping Armadillo, Jurassic Vulture, and Kangaroo Flyer.

She also has many enemies. The first is obviously the Tick[Le] Monster, who ravaged her home planet. But she has battled giant turkeys, evil Christmas mice, the Birthday Menace, Cheetah Girl, Lovestruck, the Chalk Monster, Mutant Snowmen and several others I have forgotten. Ha ha. Once she even teamed up the the Scrinch (a combination of Scrooge and the Grinch) to save Christmas. Then she saved a whole planet of dinosaurs (Jurrasica) that suffered from a strange disease after a meteorite crashed.

Her adventures are numerous, whether they were written down, drawn or just stuck in my head. Right now, she currently resides on the moon (which all my friends have come to know and remind me of when I mention either the moon or Jaguar Hero!). I believe she is looking for her missing heart (sigh). Anyways, you will be updated on her and her adventures. But for now, we must leave her to save the mighty city of Becktropolis, the day, the world and the universe!

-Jaguar Hero! :D

P.S. Anytime her name is written she must have an exclamation point at the end. If it is just Jaguar Hero (no exclamation point), it is not Jaguar Hero!. The exclamation point is part of her name.

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  1. I love hearing your heart behind Jaguar Hero! even though I already knew almost everything in this entry! I absolutely love you, sister! I can't wait until the next adventure you make with JH! I still have all of the ones you drew me! I think they are in a folder in my room. I kept them safe.

    Love you and miss you soooo much!
    Roush Hero!